Acrylic, oil and charcoal on board paper

70 x 100 cm


Acrylic, oil and charcoal on board paper

70 x 100 cm

Rainy Season Started

Acrylic, oil and Charcoal on board paper

70 x 100 cm

Gemini Boy

Acrylic, oil and charcoal on board paper

48 x 60 cm


Acrylic, oil and charcoal on board paper

48 x 60 cm


Acrylic, oil and charcoal on board paper

Be my Valentine

Acrylic on paper

42 x 59 cm

When Love Happens

Acrylic on cardboard

66 x 56 cm

Love Storm

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 72 cm

Into the Wild

Acrylic on paper

43 x 59 cm

Tree of Life

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Birch Tree Collection

Mayan Totem

Acrylic on canvas

65 x 93 cm


Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

Point Bleu

Acrylic on paper

43 x 53 cm

Winter is here

Acrylic on paper

43 x 53 cm


Acrylic on paper

43 x 53 cm

Fly to the heaven Diego, where you run free

Acrylic on paper

53 x 46 cm


Acrylic on paper

53 x 49 cm


Acrylic on paper

45 x 63 cm

Fuck the 14th, I love you every day

Acrylic on paper

53 x 46 cm

Monday Bella

Acrylic on paper

Abstract emotions

Storm of Life

Acrylic on paper

53 x 63 cm

Face the day

Acrylic on canvas

53 x 60 cm


Acrylic on board

69 x 96 cm

Doors of Life

Acrylic on board

63 x 96 cm

Inside my own Popocatepetl

Acrylic and oil on canvas

120 x 150 cm

7 dias de emociones

Music art piece made collaboration with artist Christian Sjöholm, who has composed music which interacts with 7 of my paintings, as a unique art experience.

Spaced out

Acrylic and oil on board paper

200 x 140 cm

Snow Volcano

Acrylic and oil on canvas

48 x 60 cm

Mujeres Flores

Sculpture: mayan clay

Painting: acrylic oil on canvas

Painting: 48 x 60 cm

Mexico City posters

Acrylic on paper

Ruska (Luonnotar), Autumn

Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas

120cm x 200cm

Summer ends with an explosion of multiple colors in the nature. This season is known in Finland as ‘ruska’, when the autumnal reds, browns and yellows which is especially beautiful in Lapland, Northern Finland. This happens just before the snow arrives...

Birch Tree is the national tree of Finland, here represented in a form of a woman, (Luonnotar) The Goddess of Nature, connected from the roots to the ground and reaching to the sky with her arms, she is preparing for the long cold winter. 

Birch tree´s sap has many healing powers which Finns have been using throughout centuries as a natural medicine.

Kevät (Metsänväki), Spring

Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas

150 cm x 150 cm

Even though in spring the nature comes alive again after a long winter, in Finland there is still often snow.

This painting is reflecting the so called “blue moment” which is the strongest of the spring time, that one hour after sunset it turns everything into blue.

Kesä (Vedenemo), Summer

Acrylic and Oil color on Canvas

120 cm x 200 cm

The summer is short in Finland, but there are almost endless summer days. On a fine summer day, Finns have an overwhelming urge to go outside and get out of town. Specially around the sea and by the thousands of lakes. Water is and has always been a key element of Finnish peoples lives.
Vedenemo ("mother of waters"), Karelian goddess of water.


This painting is inspired by Finnish lakes and “kaislikko” which in Finnish means a bed of reeds, the shallow water; important place for the fishes to spawn. This event is a necessary moment for the Finnish nature to bloom.

Talvi (Ajatar), Winter

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

120 cm x 80 cm

The snow season in northern Finland begins in November and can last until the month of May. Winter is long, dark and cold and even the ocean freezes. Long winter is a survival time for the Nature.

In this painting “Ajatar” has taken over the forest making it look like a winter wonderland. The snow makes the view calm and bright, coloring it almost blue.



Summer 2018


Fall 2016 –

México City

Exhibitions & Festivals

Exposición 7 Dias de Emociones

24.3. – 31.4.2018

Exposición 5 Paises 7 Artistas

17.6. – 18.8.2017

















Helsinki is silent in the early morning, Fisherman starts his day when the sun has just come up, This picture was taken in Töölö Helsinki 6:00 in the Spring morning 2016.


This Photography was selected to be part of Finland 100 Year Photography Expo in Mexico City Gallery Reforma 20.


Kuva otettu junan ikkunasta aamu varhain matkalla töihin.


Tehdas ja meri illalla.


Flow Festivaali 2016


Teknologia ja meri.


UV, acrylic and oil paint on cardboard

69 x 96 cm

The Chilanga painting was born in Mexico City in March 2016. Inspired by the city’s vibrant outdoor life, galleries, museums and street art infuenced the color and mood for the Chilanga painting. The lifestyle of the city, the spirit of the people and the way of life of the Mexicans inspired me to paint. As a Finnish woman I felt the Latin culture and the woman’s daily struggle in the hectic Mexico City very strongly. The painting reflects this duality between the beauty and horror of being a woman in this great city.

Chilanga 1

The Chilanga painting was followed by a photograhy idea. I saw many artists selling their art on the streets. I began to like the contrast between the
reality around the paintings and the painting. Chilanga photo are shot in a diferent areas of Mexico City. All of the women posing in their home neighborhoods are holding the Chilanga painting. The women in the pictures are of all ages and races, in diferent life circumstances in Mexico City.


There is a nurse holding the painting next to the hospital, a female student standing in the all female metro train, a street artist holding the painting next to her own work, a street shop magazine vendor selling magazines from porn to the news. All kind of Chilangas. This exhibition is not about showing the diference between the rich and the poor. It’s about empowering and respecting the woman in Mexico City and showing her beauty and spirit. Chilangas are the heart of Mexico City. 26 The photograph refect Mexico City and the woman who lives there.

Chilanga 2

Chilanga 3

Chilanga 4

Chilanga 5

Chilanga 6

Chilanga 7


Finland 100 years

November 2017




Aleksandra Mallet


Aleksandra Mallet (prev.Kahakopi), is an artist born and raised in the cold capital of Finland, Helsinki, 1984.


Her mom was also a painter and she started her painting studys in early age by her mom Eeva Maria Kahakorpi (prev.Rusi).


She studied in primary Art school of Torkkeli Helsinki following of BA brogram of Pekka Halonen school of Fine Arts.


After her studies she has been working as an Gallerist and a curator starting 2009 in Gallery Ateljeejee and had have exhibitions in Finland, Berlin, France and Mexico.


She is also part of Artist event group Helsinki Underground Arts and Bridge Helsinki.


After several residences in Berlin, Mexico City and Helsinki she currently resides in Merida, where her work has been inspired by Yucatan and the colourful Mayan culture, while still drawing from her arctic origins. While the colour blue has often been present lately reflecting the Mayan culture embracing her life, her former pieces created in Mexico city used a lot of UV and dark hues, representing the lively and colourful women of Mexico City.

The reoccurring theme in her work is nature. Growing up in Finland with its majestic forests and finding peace in its presence, a longing for natural spaces and serenity.

"Nature is necessary for me in able to be happy and calm. In nature I feel that i can breathe, think and use my full creative potential. Without Nature i feel trapped and irritated. Perhaps it is the fact that I have been born in Finland, and growing up close to nature and forests, is the reason why I feel comfortable in nature. ”


Her upcoming exhibitions are based in Mexico City, Puebla and Merida.

About her paintings and photography


She mainly use acrylic and oil paint but lately also UV-colours for more pigment, producing a colorful contemporary and modern art, influenced by street art.


Each different city in which she settled in, her art inspires through its colors and patterns she sees in it.
"My passion is finding different adjustments between patterns and ways to use the brush. "The harder is the brush, it is better for me."

Aleksandra is having also exhibitions for her photo art in Mexico City. Photo Exhibition called Chilanga will be starting end of year 2017 and Finland 100-year exhibition 2017 winter.



In finnish:


Haastattelussa Aleksandra Mallet


Esittelyssä 7 días de Emociones


En espaƱol

“7 Días de Emociones” es una exposición que examina la vida interior de una mujer contemporánea y que nos muestra dos facetas; su naturaleza interna y el estrés de la vida moderna.


Las emociones cambian y fluyen durante los siete días de la semana. En esta exposición, un diálogo co-creativo entre dos artistas, le da a su audiencia un vistazo más íntimo a estos estados de ser en constante cambio.


“Desde la espera de mi primer hijo, he desarrollado un profundo interés en mi naturaleza interna como mujer. El cuerpo de una mujer crea una nueva vida, transformándose en el proceso. Al igual que un árbol que creció a partir de una semilla, el niño se genera a partir de una semilla dentro del útero. Combinando mi instinto maternal con la naturaleza de México, desarrollé la idea para esta exposición. Comencé a percibir a la mujer como un árbol, que proporciona una nueva vida."


La exhibición muestra tres tipos de trabajo; esculturas de mujeres hechas de arcilla maya que se origina en Ticul en Yucatán, “7 Días de Emociones: una serie de pinturas de voz producidas en colaboración con el artista de sonido Christian Sjöholm, y una serie de pinturas que retratan el arquetipo de una mujer árbol, simbolizando el diálogo interno y la naturaleza del artista


Aleksandra Mallet (nacida en 1984) es una artista nacida y criada en la fría capital de Finlandia, Helsinki.

Actualmente, ella reside en Mérida, donde su trabajo ha sido inspirado por Yucatán y la colorida cultura maya, mientras aún se inspira en sus orígenes árticos. Mientras que el color azul a menudo ha estado presente últimamente reflejando la cultura maya que abraza su vida, sus piezas anteriores creadas en la ciudad de México usaban muchos tonos oscuros y ultravioleta, representando las coloridas mujeres de la Ciudad de México.


El tema recurrente en su trabajo es la naturaleza. Crecer en Finlandia con sus bosques majestuosos y encontrar la paz en su presencia, un anhelo de espacios naturales y la serenidad.


"Para mí, la naturaleza es necesaria para ser feliz y tranquila. En la naturaleza, siento que puedo respirar, pensar y utilizar todo mi potencial creativo. Sin la Naturaleza me siento atrapada e irritada. Quizás es el hecho de que he nacido en Finlandia y crecido cerca de la naturaleza y de los bosques, es la razón por la cual me siento cómoda en la naturaleza."


“7 Dias de Emociones” es su primera gran exposición individual en la Ciudad de México.


Anteriormente, ha expuesto sus obras en Finlandia, Alemania, Francia y México.



Aleksandra Mallet pinta y sonoriza emociones femeninas


México ofrece las condiciones inmejorables para una artista pero la competencia es dura


Emociona Aleksandra Mallet con sus colores


In english